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Polygraph rental
Polygraph Rentals / lie-detector rentals since the 1980s:
antiques through modern computerized polygraph rental
Special one-hour rentals available
for some YouTuber-type projects!

rent a polygraph instrument in California
rental of polygraph equipment instrument machine
(Looking to rent a lie detector machine?
See advice below on choosing a polygraph model, analog vs computerized)
Most equipment already Greeked

--- Covering Burbank, Los Angeles, and surrounding areas --
(we also have affiliates in most other major cities)


Have worked at all major Southern CA studios
and most of the independent studios, and
involvement with almost every content-creator and
YouTube channel lie-detector episode ever made
(John's work has been seen in
more than 60 million YouTube views)

rent a lie detector for YouTube

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From the examiner with more than 1000 media appearances himself--
he is the most televised polygraph examiner in the world

And our equipment and helppolygraph test on YouTube channel on so many YouTube Channels!

Special one-hour rentals available
for some YouTuber-type projects!

PLUS: often a real polygraph office
polygraph rental for film
can be used, near the 101/405 junction.

Polygraph rental
818 883-6969

rent polygraph tv film polygraph rental

Polygraph rental from TV's 'Thumbs Up - Thumbs Down Polygraph Guy'!

Los Angeles polygraph rental
(a polygraph clip with more than 16 million views)

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fun polygraph on YouTube

Commercials too!

where can I rent a polygraph

rent a lie detector for a YouTube film
Fun stuff!

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Internet polygraph
YouTube lie detector
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Lots of B-roll to use!

where can I rent a lie detector

(More polygraph rental details down below)

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Internet personality polygraph
polygraph test on Youtube
online polyhtaph

Can often include a 30+ years polygraph
examiner with the cost of equipment rental!

Radio too

(News radio,
Anna Faris podcast, Adam Carolla podcast,
and many regular radio stations)

polygraph podcasts

CLICK HERE to visit John's actual polygraph website:
see some of the many many productions he has helped with

rent a lie detector for the day
polygraph rental price

An examiner can be included with the cost of the polygraph equipment rental--
usually for less than the cost of so-called prop-rental places

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prop rental lie detector
rent a polygraph quick

More YouTube channel people
using polygraph lie-detection!
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polygraph test on YouTube

YouTube lie detector

Millions and millions of views

polygraph YouTube

lie detector YouTube

Polygraph for small independent productions, for commercials,
for content creators, YouTubers and YouTube Channels,
for SnapChat filming, for Internet personalities, for business events,
for podcasts, for film school projects, and for large productions

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Important facts to know before
choosing a polygraph rental model:

Analogs (antiques, 1950s-1980s) look cool but are often
called 'a filmmaker's nightmare' dues to pens plugging up,
motorized paper jamming, and other issues due to age.
They are fragile, with a broken hollow pen costing $200.

Don't rent just one of these old headaches just
because your art department thinks it looks cool!

Computerized (modern, 1990s-now) are far more popular.
They work almost flawlessly, tests can be played back for
B-roll, are more accurate, are more scientific, and are
seen as more credible by persons seeing your final product.
They are what police and FBI actually use every day.

Film secret: some filmers use a modern one
(same connections to the body as an antique),
then insert quick shots of an antique analog.

YouTube comedy polygraph
YouTube lie detector

polygraph equipment rental
where can I rent a polygraph
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Rent a polygraph 818 883-6969

film polygraph rentprop rental polygraph

California Alliance of Polygraph Examiners

Arizona Alliance of Polygraph Examiners

New York Alliance of Polygraph Examiners

Experienced :: CERTIFIED :: Many Languages
Court Appointed and Recognized Expert
Traveling nationwide to serve you!

Male and Female Certified Polygraph Examiners

More than 10000 completed examinations

Los Angeles polygraph rental

Also available: Voice Stress Analysis;
micro-expression, body-language; MRI/fMRI;

oculomotor measurement deception detection:
eye pupil diameter increase, dwell time, 
and eye-movement / eye-tracking;
concealed emotion; and PPG-Plethysmograph

rent a polygraph in Los Angeles
rent a polygraph in Burbank
Los Angeles rent a lie detector
Burbank rent a lie detector

Sales - Service - Training - Rental - Support
Respected affiliates in all major cities
Days, Nights, Weekends: Reasonable Rates

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VERY ACTIVE member of the polygraph community
Spanish, Farsi, Hebrew, and Korean Polygraphs

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YouTube lie detector


Polygraph examinations can be
conducted  at your location,
or at our polygraph locations,
and we also cover many areas

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20 Years

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Rent a polygraph
818 883-6969

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